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Putting It Together: Phrases I

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ye wete na bana te
s/he doesn't have children
bamboloko na bandjoku badie ndo
duikers and elephants are there
buse wete na bwandi te
we do not have a dog
baito badie na djala nyama
women desire meat
na kutu ame fofa na ye
I talk to her/him tomorrow
kana madi o djongo ene
put oil in that cooking pot
batopai bakaba buse boi
men share with honey with us
ye adie na maki mpe
s/he is also lazy
na ndima adie yoma yike
there is a lot of food in the forest
loso adie na monyongo
rice is delicious
fofa na mana, na mana, na mana
talk slowly, slowly, slowly
buse lemba, buse bina, buse kaba essengo na bato bese
we sing, we dance, we share joy with all the people
adwa ka meno, aswanye na wedi moti
he has gone on a hunting trip, will return in one month
bene badiya ka bwanga mobe
they have eaten a poison