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Global Energy Resources

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Resource / Natural resource
Any feature or part of the environment that can be useful to humans.
A non-living resource from the ground, water or air such as............
A living resource that is capable of reproduction such as ........................................
Non renewable resource
Resources cannot be remade as they can take millions of years to form such as......
Renewable resource
Resources which are potentially non exhaustable if they are managed correctly such as .....
The way in which people make use of resources and take them from the environment.
The number of and variety of species of plants and animals in a specific area.
Permanently removing forests so land can be used for other activities such as.............
Use of land for farming for food crops, cattle and cash crops such as flowers.
Use of land for the commercial growth of trees for timber
Energy mix
The proportion of different energy sources a country uses to meet its needs.
Hydro electric power –dams store water which is used to create electricity from turbines.
Solar energy
Using power of the sun to create electricity and heat.
Wind energy
Using wind turbines, sometimes on a large scale in wind farms to generate electricity.
Nuclear energy
Using uranium to create heat to create steam to drive turbines for electricity.
Tar sands
Oil in bitumen sands can be extracted to create fuel for cars and electricity
Drilling down into rocks, splitting them apart to extract gas held with the rock.
Carbon footprint
The amount of energy and resources used by each person / country.
Carbon credits
A way of limiting the amount of carbon dioxide countries can emit to try and help reduce climate change.
Low carbon energy
Energy which produces little or no carbon dioxide.
Feed in tariffs
A payment given to producers of low carbon energy to encourage their development.