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to keep one's cool
to remain calm and in control
just off the boat (adj.)
a kegger
beer party
a kick
something enjoyable; pleasure or enjoyment from something
klutz (adj)
stupid and clumsy person (k...)
to knock
knocked up (adj.)
knockout (adj.)
person or thing overwhelmingly attractive, appealing
a knuckle sandwich
punch in the mouth
kook / kookie (adj.)
an eccentric, strange, or foolish person
laid-back (adj.)
easy-going and unhurried
lame (adj.)
inept; inadequate; undesirable
a line
a loser
an undesirable or annoying person
the love handles
rolls of fat around the stomach
to make waves
to cause difficulty/ trouble
maxed out (adj.)
exhausted (m...)
mean (adj.)
very good; cool (m...)
groovy (adj.)
cool; pleasant ~
mega (adj.)