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(to) put in a nutshell
(idiom) (figurative) to state something very concisely. (Alludes to the small size of a nutshell and the amount that it would hold.)
(to) get straight to the point
(idiom) To be concise in your speaking, to say exactly what you mean, plainly.
(to) hear (something) on the grapevine
(idiom) to hear news from someone who heard the news from someone else (usually + that )
(to) put (someone) in the picture
(idiom) to explain to someone what is happening
(to) get (hold of ) the wrong end of the stick
(idiom) (informal) to not understand a situation correctly
(to) be on the same wavelength
(idiom) having similar views, feelings, or thoughts (as someone else)
(to) make head or tail of (something)
(idiom) (used with a negative) to attempt to understand (a problem, etc.)
(to) talk at cross purposes
(idiom) with opposing viewpoints; with goals that interfere with each other; not understand each other because they are trying to do or say different things but they do not know this
(to) beat about the bush
(idiom) To fail to confront a subject directly.
(to) get lines/wires crossed
(idiom) when people do not understand each other correctly, especially when making arrangements.
(to) get (something) straight from the horse's mouth
(idiom) to get information from the person most directly involved or best informed.
(to) drop (someone) a line
(idiom) (slightly informal) send someone a note or letter in a casual manner.
(to) get hold of (someone)
(idiom) to communicate with someone
(to) get/give the low-down
(idiom) to get or give complete information or facts about something
(to) keep (someone) posted
(idiom) to give regular information to (a person).
out of touch (with)
(idiom) not in communication (with); not sympathetic or understanding (towards).
(to) lose touch (with)
(idiom) to stop communicating (with).
(to) spread like wildfire
(idiom) (of eg news) to spread extremely fast.
(to) touch base
(idiom) establish/renew communication with someone;
hot off the press
(idiom) (figurative) freshly printed; just released by a publisher.