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Phrasal Verbs [2]

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(to) stand for
(phrasal verb) be an abbreviation of or symbol for (e.g, AC _ Air Conditioner).
(to) put away
(phrasal verb) To renounce; discard; to put to death, because of old age or illness (e.g, _ negative thoughts)
(to) buckle up
(phrasal verb) to buckle one's seat belt, as in a car or plane.
(to) wind up
(phrasal verb) arrive or end up in a specified state, situation, or place (e.g, she _ in hospital with pneumonia)
(to) add up
(phrasal verb) To be reasonable, plausible, or consistent; make sense (e.g, the testimony didn't _)
(to) bring up
(phrasal verb) To take care of and educate (a child); rear. (e.g, _ children _)
(to) blow up
(phrasal verb) inflate; to fill (something) with air or gas (e.g, _ the balloon)
(to) call off
(phrasal verb) To cancel or postpone (e.g, _ a trip)
(to) carry on
(phrasal verb) To continue without halting; persevere (e.g, _ with a sport as long as you like it)
(to) come across
(phrasal verb) (of a person or his or her words) to communicate the intended meaning or impression (e.g, _ a bit bossy)
(to) come up with
(phrasal verb) produce (something), especially when pressured or challenged (e.g, she always _ the right answer)