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(to) clam up
(phrasal verb) (informal) to keep or become silent or withhold information
(to) add up
(phrasal verb) To amount to an expected total (e.g, the bill didn't _)
(to) stand for
(phrasal verb) support (a cause or principle) (e.g, _ animal welfare).
(to) blow up
(phrasal verb) to explode or cause to explode (e.g, car _ when it hit the wall)
(to) bring up
(phrasal verb) To introduce into discussion; mention.
(to) call off
(phrasal verb) to order (an animal or person) to desist or summon away (e.g, _ the dog)
(to) carry on
(phrasal verb) (informal) to cause a fuss or commotion (e.g, boy was _, shouting and kicking)
(to) come across
(phrasal verb) to meet or find by accident (e.g, _ an old friend)
(to) sweep up
(phrasal verb) to clean up and remove something, such as dirt, by sweeping. (e.g, Can you _ these crumbs?)