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(to) shy away from
(idiom) avoid having to deal with some unpleasant task (e.g, _ cleaning)
(to) shed light on
(idiom) to reveal something about something; to clarify something (e.g, the discussion _ the problem)
(to) talk someone into (doing) something
(idiom) to overcome someone's objections to doing something; to convince someone to do something.
(to) take off one's hat to
(idiom) something that you say which means that you admire and respect someone for something they have done
(to) have a big mouth
(idiom) to be a gossiper; to be a person who tells secrets.
on the face of it
(idiom) (figurative) superficially; from the way it looks.
(to) take it or leave it
(idiom) (informal) Take this one or none; you have no choice.
(to) be past your sell-by date
(idiom) (informal) Beyond one's prime; when someone is not wanted or useful any more because they are too old
(to) take (someone's) word for it
(idiom) to believe that something is true because someone tells you it is, without making sure that it really is true (often in future tenses)
(to) watch the world go by
(idiom) spend time observing other people going about their business.
(to) get away from it all
(idiom) to go somewhere completely different from what is usual
backhanded compliment
(idiom) an insult that is disguised as a compliment (e.g, "You drive well, for a woman")
(to) string (someone) along
(idiom) to maintain someone's attention or interest, probably insincerely.
(to) string along (with someone)
(idiom) stay with or accompany a person or group casually or as long as it is convenient.
(as) dead as a doornail
(idiom) Dead, devoid of life (when applied to people, plants or animals). Finished with, unusable (when applied to inanimate objects).
for the umpteenth time
(idiom) an action or event that has been done or taken place too many times to count.
(to) bore (someone) stiff
(idiom) (figurative) to be exceedingly dull and uninteresting.
(to) leave (someone) cold
(idiom) to leave someone unaffected or bored.
(to) be well up on
(idiom) to have a good knowledge of a subject; be well informed about.