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(to) budge up
(phrasal verb) To move in order to make space for someone, especially when sitting
(to) back up
(phrasal verb) to move backwards
(to) beef up (something)
(phrasal verb) to add strength or substance to something.
(to) blaze up
(phrasal verb) (informal) Starting to smoke a joint. (e.g, let's _)
(to) bolster (someone) up
(phrasal verb) (figurative) to give someone emotional support and encouragement.
(to) bolster (something) up
(phrasal verb) to give added support to something.
(to) bone up on (something)
(phrasal verb) to study something thoroughly; to review the facts about something.
(to) face up to (someone or something)
(phrasal verb) to confront with courage someone or something representing a threat or unpleasantness.
(to) come away with
(phrasal verb) to leave bringing something with you
(to) let up
(phrasal verb) to diminish, slacken, or stop
(to) get around to
(phrasal verb) to reach or come to at length; to do something you have been intending to do
(to) call on (someone)
(phrasal verb) to make an appeal or request (to) (e.g, they _ed _ him to reply)
(to) brush up on
(phrasal verb) to refresh one's knowledge, skill, or memory of (a subject)
(to) die out
(phrasal verb) to become extinct, esp after a period of gradual decline
(to) run through
(phrasal verb) to examine hastily
(to) lap (something) up
(phrasal verb) to believe what is said or written without knowing or caring if it is true
(to) cheat on (someone)
(phrasal verb) to commit adultery; to be unfaithful to one's spouse or lover.
(to) own up
(phrasal verb) admit to having done something wrong or embarrassing (e.g, _ your mistakes)
(to) put (something) away
(phrasal verb) to return something to its proper storage place. (e.g, _ your books)
(to) put across
(phrasal verb) to communicate in a comprehensible way (e.g, _ your views)