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Summary: Declension Type Markers

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Gen. Sg.: –ae
Marker for 1st Declension
Gen. Sg.: –ī
Marker for 2nd Declension
Gen. Sg.: –is
General marker for 3rd Declension
Gen. Sg.: –is | Nom. Sg.: –is | parisyllabic Nom./Gen. Sg. | m. or f.
Marker for 3rd i-pure [m., f.]
Gen. Sg.: –is | Nom. Sg.: –ar –e –al | n.
Marker for 3rd i-pure [n.]
Gen. Sg.: –xxis where x is consonant | m. or f.
Marker for 3rd (cons./i)-mixed
Gen. Sg.: –ū or –ūs
Marker for 4th Declension
Gen. Sg.: –ēī or –eī
Marker for 5th Declension