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Hello; Hi
Mi na Belta.
I’m not a Belter.
Mi Inya.
I’m an Inner.
Im Belta
S/He's a Belter.
Wa koming gut.
Welcome (to a place)
Kemang to?
Who are you?
Keting nem to?
What is your name?
Nem mi Kerísh.
My name is Chris.
Fo keng to im gut.
It’s good to know you.
Goodbye; Bye
To sasa English ke?
Do you know English?
Mi na sasa Lang Belta.
I don’t know Belter Creole.
Milowda na sasa Lang Belta.
We don’t know Belter Creole.
sasa ke?
...you know?
Mi sasa.
I know.
Mi na sasa.
I don’t know.
...right? ...wouldn’t you agree?
To pochuye ke?
Do you understand? (or hear/listen)
Mi pochuye to.
I understand you; I hear you.
Mi na pochuye.
I don’t understand; I can’t hear it/you.