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Namang keng da peng mi finyish vedi.
Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen
Mi gonya du fut da diye de.
I will make food tomorrow.
Keting to ta du da diye de?
What did you do yesterday?
Mi du mowteng fo walowda tatuyingi.
I need some tattoos.
Da kaka deya ere da medina da diye xiya ta pagal.
That shit there in the Medina today was crazy.
Mi na wanya solo ere da nax.
I don’t want to be alone in the night.
Desh tim detim mang im mowsh leva sif xox.
There is a time when a person has to stand up.
Matna to sasa deting to tili du ke?
Does your mother know what you do?
Mi wanya ge to ere kapawu lenta fo Lunye.
I’d like to get you on a slow ship to Luna.
Livit nawit ámolof im livit teristi.
A life without love is a sad life.
Im na gut fo go solo ere da belék.
It’s not good to go alone in the black.
Inyalowda na kang leta owkwa Beltalowda!
They (Inners) can’t take our (Belters) water!
Govawala mi ta showxa mi mowsh ando natet.
My shrink says I need to relax.
Kopeng, to wang pashangwala pagal!
Buddy, you’re one crazy fucker!
Milowda ta du im fo maliwala milowda.
We did it for our children.
Dédawang wok mali fo wa mang, wang salta tubik fo manting.
That’s a small step for a person, one giant leap for humanity.
Mi na gonya xunyam wow na mo.
I ain’t gonna study war no more.
Lik imim showxa, da bosmang na kopeng to.
Like they say, the boss is not your friend.
Inyalowda pensa beltalowda towchu imalowda.
Those Inners think we Belters are their slaves.
Milowda gonya leva xox!
We’re gonna rise up!
Xiya depelésh mi wanya bi.
Here is where I want to be.
Xídawang da wowt da ultim.
This is the last word.