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Im ta nating.
You’re welcome (literally, “It was nothing”)
Yam seng!
Cheers!; Let’s drink!
So wa peng.
What a pain; how terrible.
Taki taki.
Thank you.
Mi tumang.
I am an Earther.
Mi pomang.
I am a Martian.
She she taki taki.
Thank you. (formal)
Tenye wa diye gut.
Have a good day.
Yes, of course; “Well, duh!”
Keting to ta showxa?
What did you say?
To kang showxa im wámotim ke, fodagut?
Can you say it again, please?
Mo lenta, fodagut.
Slower, please.
Fodagut, gif fo mi owkwa.
Please give me water.
Taki fo da owkwa.
Thank you for the water.
Kewe to?
How are you?
Mi gut.
I am good.
Fo vedi to im gut.
It’s good to see you.