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Kepelésh mi?
Where am I?
Kepelésh da imbobo kaka?
Where is the bathroom?
Kepelésh wa imbobo rowm?
Where is a bar?
Ketim ora xush du sherú?
When does happy hour start?
Kepelésh milowda ando go?
Where are we going?
Kepelésh mi kang ge fut?
Where can I get food?
Kepelésh wa zákomang?
Where is a police officer?
Ketim da kapawu gonya go fo Erosh?
When does the ship leave for Eros?
Ketim da kapawu ta kom-go fong Lunye?
When did the ship arrive from Luna?
Kepelésh to wanya go da diye xiya?
Where do you want to go today?
Mi ando xunyam Lang Belta.
I am studying/learning Belter Creole.
Mi showxa wamali Lang Belta.
I speak a little Belter Creole.