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Mi xush.
I am happy.
To gútegow ke?
Are you ready?
Im gut, keyá?
It’s good, right?
Im mal.
It’s bad.
Mi tenye deting to du mowteng fo.
I have what you need.
Dédawang ta xélixup!
That was excellent!
Im ta du wowk!
It worked!
kula buro
donkey balls
Im na tenye kula.
He has no balls.
Milowda ta du im!
We did it!
Kowlting gonya gut.
Everything will be fine.
Tenye wa tim gut.
Have a good time.
Im ta wa diye gut.
It was a good day.
Mi na sasa nating.
I don't know nothing.
Im kowl gut.
It’s all good.
Keting mo milowda du mowteng fo?
What else do we need?
Mi gonya kom wámotim.
I’ll be back.
Dédawang da ting mi ando showxa ere!
That’s what I’m talking about!
Keting to ando vedi?
What are you looking at?
Kom, to xalte wit mi.
Come, you’re staying with me.
Desh mo ke?
Is there more?
Im da sheng.
It’s the truth.
Mi fosho pensa im.
I believe it.
To ta ge im!
You got it!