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Swear Words, Vulgarity & F-Bombs

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dammit; oh hell; eh, what the hell; charge!
whoremonger; asshole
Setóp bush to, sabakawala!
Shut up, asshole!
fucker; person obsessed with orifices
to fuck; fucking
Ya lik pashang!
Fuck, yeah!
Kewe kowlting ando go, ówala?
How’s everything going, fucker?
Keting pashang to ando du, ówala?
What the fuck are you doing, fucker?
any floating item; mild expletive
shit, crap, poop
Kaka felota!
Oh, shit!
Imim ta pashang milowda.
We’re fucked.
Belta lik pashang!
Belter as fuck!
Kowlting fosho kaka xitim.
Shit just got real.
dick, dickwad; “J-man”
Da koyo de im dzhemang.
That guy is a dickwad.
Na gif fo mi na kaka, dzhemang.
Don’t give me any shit, crooked-dick!
stupid, idiot
Kopeng to im nakangepensa.
Your friend’s an idiot.
Na du suchok wit im, im pashangwala mal.
Don’t mess with him/her; s/he’s a bad fucker.
Pashang fong!
Fuck off!
“stunted Inner shorty”; VERY DEROGATORY
Xiya na pelésh to, paxoníseki.
This isn’t your place, Inner scum.
Kewe mogut fo pashang: wit yáterash o wit náterash?
Which way’s better for sex: with thrust or on the float?
To wanya pashang wit mi ke?
Do you want to (fuck/have sex) with me?