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Tenye wa diye beref xush.
Happy birthday.
Tenye wa yitim gut.
Happy new year.
Mi du ámolof to.
I love you.
Dédawang deting im ta showxa!
That’s what S/HE said!
To mowsh showxa fo sif: keting Mila deng fo du?
You have to say to yourself: what would Miller do?
Milowda na ányimal!
We are not animals!
Xetamang tili du xeta.
Haters gonna hate.
Ando du livit da livit da Belta.
Living the Belter life.
Setara imalowda mogut nawit milowda.
The stars are better off without us.
Ere Sirish na desh zakong, bera zákomang.
On Ceres there are no laws, only cops.
Du ferí da Belte!
Free the Belt!
Xalte ere gova da Cant!
Remember the Cant!
To na kang setóp da mesach!
You can’t stop the message!
Detim imim finyish du wa ting, im ye fo sémpere.
Once a thing is made, it is forever.