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adopt (v.)
choose to make one's own
agriculture (n.)
raising of crops and livestock
Attribute (v.)
ascribe to; credit with
carve (v.)
sculpt, shape; cut, slice
civilization (n.)
society, culture
creator (n.)
person who creates, inventor, designer
deed (n.)
act, doing
surround, enclose, hem in, circumscribe
excavation (n.)
act of digging out, excavation site
function (v.)
to perform well
inscribe (v.)
write on a surface; mark a surface with words
literacy (n.)
ability to read and write; education
mythology (n.)
collection of myths associated with a particular people or culture; collective group of stories about specific imaginary characters; study of myths and legends
property (n.)
belongings; estate, assets; ownership
scholar (n.)
student, pupil; learned person, educated person; expert in a particular field; recipient of a scholarship
settle (v.)
to establish a pemanent place to live
specialized (adj.)
made for a specific purpose; characterized by expertise in a specific subject
structure (n.)
building; construction, something that has been built
tablet (n.)
flat piece of stone or other material bearing an inscription
token (n.)
symbol, sign, mark