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afloat (adj.)
having enough money to pay what you pay
characteristic (n.)
distinguishing quality; trait, attribute
compete (v.)
contest, contend against another; participate in a contest
edge (n.)
an advantage
financial (adj.)
related to money
inevitably (adv.)
unavoidably, inescapably, certainly
initial (adj.)
first, beginning
motivation (n.)
incentive, drive; act or process of motivating; inspiration; state of being stirred to action
niche (n.)
good position, place that is suitable for someone or something
particular (adj.)
personalized (adj.)
made personal, made private
potential (adj.)
product (n.)
something that is produced
profit (n.)
earnings, financial gain; benefit, avail; financial income; advantage, privilege
project (v.)
to estimate, calculate a future amount
reputation (n.)
repute, regard; esteem, renown
sound (adj.)
whole, healthy; in good condition
tip (n.)
point; advice
unique (adj.)
singular, matchless, unequaled, rare; one of a kind
vital (adj.)
crucial, critical, necessary