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bond (n.)
brand (n.)
product manufactured by a company and given a specific name or mark, trademark
burgeoning (adj.)
conglomerate (n.)
large corporation formed by the merge of separate companies
consistently (adv.)
regularly, always
convince (v.)
persuade, convict, influence
endorsement (n.)
public support for something
fleeting (adj.)
passing swiftly, transient, brief, temporary
ignore (v.)
disregard, overlook, refuse to recognize; reject, refuse
loyalty (n.)
faithfulness, devotion, constancy
outperform (v.)
to perform better than
passion (adj.)
enthusiasm; fury; desire, lust
phenomenon (n.)
something unusual; something detected by the senses
prevail (v.)
overcome, surpass, prove superior; predominate, rule, reign
promote (v.)
to advertise
reverse (v.)
to turn around, change to its opposite
selective (adj.)
choosy, picky, finicky; making a selection, choosing; pertaining to selection; highly specific in effect or action
staple (n.)
a basic houshold item
status (n.)
social position
thirst (adj.)
a strong enthusiasm for something