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boon (n.)
benefit, advantage
branch (n.)
local offic of a larg company
catch up (v.)
to reach someone or something that is ahead
coincide (v.)
happen at the same time
confront (v.)
to face a difficulty
controversy (n.)
disagreement, debate, argument
decisive (adj.)
important, affecting a decision
enticing (adj.)
epicenter (n.)
central point
firm (n.)
a company
looming (adj.)
nearing, usually said of threat or difficulty
opponent (n.)
rival, adversary; objector
point (v.)
indicate; emphasize; sharpen; direct
preponderance (n.)
state of being larger in number
proponent (n.)
remainder (n.)
something which remains
routinely (adv.)
ordinarily, customarily, regularly; in a routine manner
shift (n.)
priod of work time
turnover (n.)
number of people coming in and leaving
wealthy (adj.)