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address (v.)
to deal with a problem or issue
adequately (adv.)
well enough
alternative (n.)
something you can choose to do or use instead of something els
compulsory (adj.)
concerned (adj.)
dissatisfied (adj.)
not pleased
exceptional (adj.)
special, above aderage
instruction (n.)
latter (adj.)
near the end
majority (n.)
the large part, most
mandate (v.)
in order officially, require
novel (adj.)
new and unsual
obligatory (adj.)
required, something that is obligatory must be done because of a law, rule
repeated regularly
philosophy (n.)
set of beliefs and values
prior (adj.)
before, previous
relatively (adv.)
in comparison to something else
tutor (n.)
a private teacher
vast (adj.)
very big
widespread (adj.)