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back (v.)
to support, esp.financially
clamp (v.)
to hold tightly
critical (adj.)
very important
current (n.)
a flow of electricity, water, or air
derive (v.)
to get something, especially an advantage or a pleasant feeling, from something, originate
device (n.)
a machine or tool
entrepreneur (n.)
someone who starts a new business
file (v.)
to officially record something
infringement (n.)
an action that breaks a rule or law
inspiration (n.)
a sudden good idea, a role model for creativity
invalid (adj.)
not legal or correct
inventor (n.)
a person who creates new things
investor (n.)
a person who put money into a business
patent (n.)
a special document that gives you the right to make or sell a new invention or product that no one else is allowed to copy
ransack (v.)
to search thoroughly, often violently or carelessly
refinement (n.)
ruling (n.)
a legal decisian
specifically (adv.)
exactly, for a particular reason
suitable (adj.)
appropriate, acceptable for something
unveil (v.)
to make public, uncover