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accumulate (v.)
be gathered, be collected
adapt (v.)
conform; change, make suitable; match, fit; adapt oneself, become adjusted
determine (v.)
to decide
dilute (v.)
make a liquid thinner or weaker, water down, reduce the strength of
diverse (adj.)
different, varied
evaporation (n.)
turning into vapor; becoming vapor; process of releasing moisture; disappearing, vanishing
extreme (adj.)
radical, excessive; most, greatest; farthest
fringe (n.)
ornamental border consisting of loose hanging threads; anything which resembles such a border; margin, periphery, edge; something considered marginal or extreme
mechanism (n.)
behaviour to deal with difficult situations
minimize (v.)
make small, reduce; reduce as much as possible
moisture (n.)
dampness, humidity; wetness
occupy (v.)
inhabit, live in; fill, take up; engage, keep busy
prolific (adj.)
fruitful, productive; abundant, plentiful; reproducing, multiplying; producing fruit
Resilient (adj.)
tough, able to endur difficult conditions
sparse (adj.)
thinly scattered, not crowded, widely spaced; scanty, few
stressor (n.)
something that causes stress, something that causes tension
swing (v.)
move back and forth; strike with a sweeping movement of the arm; turn; alter one's opinion or interest; ride on a swing; successfully arrange (Slang); play rhythmically (Music); be hanged (Slang)
thrive (v.)
to grow well
transitional (adj.)
moving, convertible, fleeting
violent (adj.)
using unwarranted injurious force, brutal; strong, forceful; tempestuous, raging; vehement