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ancient (adj.)
very old, antique, archaic
band (n.)
a small group
century (n.)
period of one hundred years
develop (v.)
to grow and change
entertainment (n.)
something that entertains, something interesting or amusing, fun; hospitality
exhibit (n.)
something presented as evidence in a court of law; display, show, exhibition (of artwork, products, skills, etc.)
exotic (adj.)
foreign; unusual, out of the ordinary
found (v.)
to start or establish an institution
grandeur (n.)
grandness; largeness; stateliness, magnificence; importance; nobility
massive (adj.)
enormous, colossal, immense, heavy, solid
permanently (adv.)
for always
popular (adj.)
liked by many people
reduce (v.)
lessen, diminish, decrease
remnant (n.)
leftover item, remainder
renovation (n.)
act of repairing, renewal, act of restoring to good condition
spectator (n.)
observer, one who watches; member of an audience (at a play, sporting event, etc.)
survive (v.)
continue to live after another has died, outlive; remain in use, continue in existence, outlast; endure, withstand
talent (n.)
innate ability or skill; capacity for achievement
trainer (n.)
guide; person who coaches athletes; person who coaches or trains animals ; plane used for training pilots
venue (n.)
place of trial; statement declaring that a trial is being held in the proper court