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iste libro
this book
ille libro
that book
iste libros
these books
ille libros
those books
this one
that one
these (ones) [people]
those (ones) [people]
this [non people]
that [non people]
iste littera e illo
this letter and that
iste feminas e illas
these women and those
iste catto es nigre
this cat is black
iste scarpas es blanc
these shoes are white
ille homine es juvene
that man is young
iste roba es blau
this dress is blue
iste roba es belle, ma illo es fede
this dress is beautiful, but that's ugly
ille pueros lege le libros e istes joca
those boys are reading the books and these are playing
io mangia isto
I am eating this
ille lege illo
he is reading that
isto es un animal
this is an animal
ille libros es illos de mi cosino
those books are my cousin's
iste scarpas es illos de mi bebe
these shoes are my baby's
ille mangia illo
he eats that
isto es lacte
this is milk
como isto, vos vide?
like this, do you see?
io comprende isto
I understand it
illo es un tomate
that is a tomato
istes es belle
these are beautiful
illes non es belle
those are not beautiful
nos prefere istes a illes
we prefer these to those [people]
nos prefere istas a illas
we prefer these to those [people fem.]
isto es un can
this is a dog
isto es mi can
this one is my dog
io prefere illo
i prefer that one
nos prefere istos a illos
we prefer these to those [non people]