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to be
to have
io es
I am
tu es
you are [sing.]
io ha
I have
tu ha
you have
ille ha
he has
illa ha
she has
nos es
we are
vos es
you are [formal; plural]
nos ha
we have
illes ha
they have
ille ha un pisce e tu ha chocolate
he has a fish and you have chocolate
ille es un infante
he is a child
il ha un femina
there is a woman
il ha duo libros
there are two books
il es
it is
il ha
there is/are
il es tarde
it's late
illes es ci
they are here
illo es multo distante de ci
it is very far from here
ille es advocato
he is a lawyer
illa es actrice
she is an actress
illa es un bon actrice
she is a good actress
ille es al banca
he's at the bank.
illa es in Francia
she's in France.
il es Luca
it's Luke
il es io
it's me
il es necesse...
it is necessary...