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These are computer hardware devices used to establish, maintain and terminate communication network sessions between a data source and its destination
It is an end instrument that converts user information into signals or reconverts received signals
These are various access control technologies that limit the usage of digital content and devices
Any type of attack where the attackers (hackers) attempt to prevent legitimate users from accessing the service by blocking it with multiple requests
It is a type of computer attack that uses a number of hosts to overwhelm a server, causing a website to experience a complete system crash
It is the Windows OS directory service that facilitates working with interconnected, complex and different network resources in a unified manner
It is an obsolete routing protocol that was used for data exchange between neighboring gateway hosts in autonomous systems
It is a routing protocol used to transfer data and information between different host gateways, the internet or autonomous systems
It is an Interior Gateway Protocol that uses packet-switched networks to support efficient autonomous system routing for internet service providers and large enterprises
It is an advanced distance vector routing protocol based on the principles of the Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP)
It is a link state routing protocol (LSRP) that uses the Shortest Path First (SPF) network communication algorithm (Dijkstra's algorithm) to calculate the shortest connection path between known devices
It is a dynamic protocol used to find the best route or path from end-to-end (source to destination) over a network by using a routing metric/hop count algorithm
It is a dynamic class routing protocol used by autonomous system routers running on TCP/IP hosts
It is a proprietary distance vector routing protocol used to communicate routing information within a host network
A technique of transferring tasks related to TCP stack computations from the CPU to the NIC