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A software system designed to allow a network of heterogeneous machines to be used as a single distributed parallel processor
AAA Server
It is a device that hosts a AAA service which is responsible for handling user requests for access to a network
It is a family of firewall devices produced by Cisco that incorporates the multilayer security
The set of all hardware and software components that are critical to computer system's security
Software or hardware appliance used to provide a secure communication between a mobile application and backend resources within a company network
A value that cannot be cloned. It is used to fingerprint semiconductor circuits like microprocessors. Examples are structural variations within semiconductor or specially designed integrated circuits
A computing device that provides cryptoprocessing functionalities such as encryption, key management and generation
SSL Accelarator
A device that offloads PKI-related computation for TLS and SSL and thus reduces a CPU usage
Secure Cryptoprocessor
A special SoC solution used to perform specyfic cryptographic function. They are usually built as impenetrable black-box modules
Impenetrable device
A device that is cased with multiple infiltration-resistant layers like epoxide layers that make penetration or analysis of this device almost impossible without destroying its structure
Security token
A physical device that grants access to a restricted resource. It can be a stick which display time-determined access codes that are compared with codes generated by a server at the same time. Used in a 2FA
Disconnected token
A security token which generates access code without an active connection to the authorization system. For example a RSA SecurID
Connected token
A security token which must be connected to the authorization device (like laptop to which we are trying to log in). For example smart card solutions, mobile phones with authorization via USB app etc.