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The computer networking device that creates a single aggregate network from multiple communication networks or network segments for example aggregates different-media networks
The kind of transmission in which data flows only in one direction.
The kind of transmission in which data flows in both directions but one at time
The kind of transmission in which data flows in both directions simultaneously
The electronic device that receives a weak signal and retransmits it with full strength
The connection between two networks that is tunneled (and usually encrypted) via another network
Network adapter
The adapter which connects device to a computer network
The part of Internet that operates within commonly known protocols like HTTP. Consists of web pages
Star network
The network topology which consists of one central node that connects all devices togehter
Ring network
The computer network configuration where the devices are connected to each other in a circular shape. Each packet is sent around the ring until it reaches its final destination.
Bus network
The network topology in which nodes are directly connected to a common linear half-duplex link called a bus
The simplest topology with a dedicated link between two endpoints
Fully connected network
The network topology in which all nodes are interconnected
Packet switching
The communications method that groups all transmitted data into packets
Physical Layer
The lowest layer in the OSI model, responsible for transmitting data bits from one device to the other one by determining clock rates and bits representation