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3 MHz - 300 Mhz with 10m - 1m wavelength
3 MHz - 30 MHz with 100m - 10m wavelength
300 kHz - 3 MHz with 1km - 100m wavelength
30 kHz - 300 kHz with 10km - 1km wavelength
3 kHz - 30 kHz with 100km - 10 km wavelength
300Hz - 3kHz with 1000km - 100km wavelength
30 Hz - 300 Hz with 10000 km - 1000 km wavelength
3Hz - 30 Hz with 100000 km - 10000 km wavelength
The type of cable that is covered with additional layer of the metal wire mesh which protects the cable from the environment noise
FTP (cable)
The type of cable that is covered with the grounded foil that offers similar protection against environment noise as the STP cable but on a lower scale
The basic type of the cable that is used in computer networks. It consists of eight wires
Coaxial cable
The thick cable with a wire inside that provides wide broadband and high connection availability
Non-automated data transmission via USB memory sticks, flash cards etc.
Network topology
Description of the collocation of network elements and associations between them
Physical topology
It describes physical arrangement of network devices with connections between them