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Logical topology
It is a mapping of paths between nodes in given protocols
Network Protocol Stack
It is a mapping of the model used to describe network transactions initiated in one device and ending in another
The process of joining metadata to data while sending data between layers
Onion routing
The routing based on encrypting data for the anonymous internet browsing
Frame Relay
The technology that specifies the physical and data link layers of digital telecommunications channels using packet switching
The security standard for devices using wireless connection (Wi-Fi) which encrypts data through the temporal key integrity protocol
The security algorithm for IEEE 802.11 wireless networks which uses static encryption key
The protocol designed for using directory services via IP network
The algorithm that calculates 32-bit checksum of a message and compares it with the checksum that is stored inside of the packet. Used to detect the data corruption
Fixed-length value calculated from a message for various purposes like security, data integrity checks etc.
Entity (OSI)
Active element located in the OSI layer. It can be a software module or a functional part of a device
Service Provider
One or multiple entities that communicate with a higher layer of the OSI model
Service subscriber
The entity that uses services
The address used for connecting to the service provider
A piece of data that is sent between two entities via SAP