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How long have you been learning English?
Как долго ты изучаешь английский язык?
I have been learning English for two years.
Я изучаю английский в течение двух лет.
He has been waiting for me since 4 o'clock.
Он ждет меня с 4 часов.
We have been running for twenty minutes.
Мы бегаем уже двадцать минут.
She has been knitting since Friday.
Она вяжет с пятницы.
They have been typing since 12 o'clock for 2 hours.
Они печатают начиная с 12:00 в течение 2 часов.
You have not been shopping for long.
Ты не долго ходил по магазинам.
We have been taking English lessons for about three months.
Мы берем уроки английского уже примерно три месяца.
How long have you been working here?
Как давно ты здесь работаешь?
I have been looking for him for an hour.
Я ищу его уже час.
It has been raining for a couple of days.
Дождь идет уже несколько дней.
He has not been playing hockey since he was seventeen.
Он не играет в хоккей с семнадцати лет.
How long have you been smoking?
Как давно вы курите?
The mechanic has been repairing the car since 9 a.m.
Механик ремонтирует машину с 9 часов утра.
The policeman has been standing here for an hour.
Полицейский стоит здесь уже час.
What has he been doing here?
Что он здесь делает?
What has he been waiting for?
Чего он ждет?
Tom has been driving for ten years.
Том водит машину уже десять лет.
I have been collecting stamps since I was a child.
Я собираю марки с детства.
John has been living in London since 1975.
Джон живет в Лондоне с 1975 года.