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Families and Households- Part 11

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Limited Data on Homosexuals
Same sex couples have only been recorded in official statistics since 1998 meaning that past data and sociologists may fail to EVALUATE THEM
Functionalists on conjugal roles
These argue men and women SHOULD have separated roles as it is the most effective way in keeping society running smoothly
Marxists on conjugal roles
These argue Women have different more expressive roles as this is what works best for capitalism so they look after the male workers
Marxists on Media
Marxists believe women are encouraged to be submissive and just focus on their looks through the media. E.G Many cleaning adverts feature women
Dobash and Dobash
These sociologists did a UK study that found the police usually didnt record violent crime by husbands against their their wives
Before 1991
British law said a husband was entilled to have sex with his wife against her will. This wasnt long ago thereby the ideology that rape by husbands is okay may be accepted by some generations and thereby result in a lack of reported domestic abuse statistics
Price reductions
Children pay less on transport and VAT isnt placed on children clothing. This links to a children being prviledged
Made a report indicating 25% of children have experienced physical abuse