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Girls in this Amazonian tribe are expected to help the mother cook and clean around 7-8 and have children by 12. This shows the stark difference from western communities
Discovered childhood varied for Asian girls. Asian families were much stricter with daughters than sons
Points out that richer parents can afford enrichment lessons like french language or violin, and educational tutoring. However children from poorer backgrounds tend to spend time hanging with friends or watching TV. Which can hinder their social development
Smaller Families
Has lead to child centredness as it has that more individual attention and devotion gets given to children
Compulsory Education
Combined with the rising popularity of higher education means that young people are dependent on their parents for LONGER PERIODS OF TIME
have increased in their numbers and more medical research has been done into children, This creates child centredness as parents have specific doctors that teach them how to care and look after their children
Stranger Danger
has created more child centredness- the perception that children are always at risk of being kidnapped means adults keep close watch on children and travel more with children and kept at home more. (link with BECK RISK SOCIETY THEORY)
reports that Britains children are some of the unhappiest in the West. This is most credited to the fact that ONE THIRD OF TEENAGERS LIVE APART FROM BIOLOGICAL FATHERS
1 in 5
According to NSPCC found that this amount of children had been severely maltreated alongside abusive parents. This goes against functionalist theory that childhood is a brilliant time
of children experience bullying from siblings according to 'Understanding Society' 2010 report. It tends to be brushed off as typical sibling rivalry however this is a serious part of the dark side of childhood
Argues that parental authority has been undermined by children having more money via pocket money or part time work
Suggests that the use of modern technology such as smartphones and TV and the rise of junk food mean that children are deprived from a 'proper' childhood. They spend less time eating the right food and having quality time and conversation with their family
Toxic Childhood Syndrome
Theory by Palmer- its the idea that the new generation lacks proper childhoods which will cause a whole range of social and behavioural issues in the future. Palmer however forgets that children often are more informed on different cultures and on social issues through social media i.e. Black livesmatter twitter hashtag campaign