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Education- Part 7

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Comprehensive Schools
Replaced the tripartite system, aimed to educate all students regardless of their background or ability under one roof
Combined the higher class GCE with the CSE which meant all students had the opportunity to go onto A-levels regardless of abilty
Education Reform Act 1988
Act which created, the National Curriculum and SATs
National Curriculum (1988 Act)
Introduced a prescibed set of subjects and content which all children in state schools would study. This meant GIRLS HAD TO STUDY WHAT BOYS DID
OFSTED (1988 Act)
Government agency was now tasked with producing PUBLIC REPORTS on each school whcih made it easy for all lower- middle class parents to be knowledgable about schools
New Labour
Following their election in 1997 they made huge changes to the education changes by introducing academies EMA and encouraging young people to take a-levels to go to university
Trust Schools (New Labour)
Schools introduced under labour which pull out of local authority control which gives parents more of a say and the school more independence over budget, staffing and admissions
Education Action Zones (New Labour)
Inner city areas which are targeted with EXTRA FUNDING in order to support the most deprived children
Beacon Programme (New Labour)
Good schools are given money to help their less successful neighbours which helps bad schools gain advice from the more elite ones
Extra OFSTED Power (New Labour)
OFSTED were finally were given the power to place failing schools under special measures under which they are re-inspected more regularly
City Academies (New Labour)
Schools which under New Labour have been closed down and re-opened with funding and control from private businesses
Increased A-Level take up (New Labour)
Labour government pledge to get 50% of younger people to higher education by spliting the A-Level into easier chunks of AS and A2 and introducing the EMA for sixth formers
Educational Maintenance Allowance (New Labour)
A payment given to students of less affluent backgrounds for those who went to sixth form and college to help them continue their quest to get to university
Aim Higher (New Labour)
Programme run by universities which aims to get lower-class in universities by introducing careers advice and university summer camps for sixth formers.
Assisted Place Scheme (New Labour)
Provided free or subsidised places at private schools for disadvantaged children however they must score in the top 10% of the entry exam
Free Schools (Coalition 2010)
All ability, state funded independent schools. They were designed to be run by teachers, parents who can set up schools that meet the needs of their community
Free School meals (Coalition 2010)
This social policy allows mothers not having to worry about feeding their children it reduces the burden of preparing school meals and for single mothers its cost effective