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Education- Part 8

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Faith Schools Positives
Faith schools attain high grades and some say this is down to the fact these schools allow minority students maintain their culture which reduces their tendancy to rebel
Faith Schools Criticism
Critics protest religion has no place in education children should be exposed to a variety of religious systems to form their own opinions
Private Schools Positives
Private schools are free from bad decisions made by education secretaries and undoubtably provide better education. It should be a parents right to pay for quality education for their children.
Private Schools Criticism
Meritocracy is impossible in these schools as it only depends on how much your parents have and your ascribed status. And obviously these schools discriminate against disadvantaged children
City Academies Positives
These schools have stakeholders which allow schools to be half way between private and state schools as they have extra funding
City Academies Criticism
Critics argue that businesses have too much influence over schools and also city academies have failed to produce expected exam success