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Content Analysis

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Content Analysis advantages
is cheap to perform, it doesnt involve interaction with people so dont have to worry about hawthorne effect,
Depends on Opinion
(content analysis Disadvantages) Its up the the researchers discretion in what content is important, this is unscientific and it depends on personal opinion e.g. if looking into whether video games have poor portrayals of women- its up to researchers in deciding when analysing video games to make their minds up on what exactly is a strong female character .
What but not Why
(content analysis Disadvantages) This means that content analysis only explains - What is being studied but doesnt explain why. For instance it only explains WHAT female characters you see in a game but doesnt explain WHY those female characters are perhaps over sexualised or weak portrayals or why theres only small numbers of women. e.g. it could be due to sexism or it could be just that the game is set in a male prison and therefore no women and content analysis wont be any to tell us this on its own
Social Facts
Postivists believe these exist and these can only be expressed using statistics
External Stimuli
Positivists believe we are shaped by this which is the things that happen to us (e.g. Schools) rather than internal stimuli which is the things in our mind. Therefore they arent interested in studying emotions, meanings, motives
Formal Content Analysis
content is classified and counted
This sociologist used formal content analysis to count gender roles of boys and girls in childrens books
Thematic Content Analysis
examines the message behind the portrayal of a particular topic
This sociologist used thematic content analysis studied rape coverage in newspapers. It makes it possible to look at the messages behind media coverage and reveal ideological bias
Textual Content Analysis
Involves detailed analysis of small pieces of text;
Looked at the words used to describe managers and strikers. Textual analysis provides an in depth interpretation of media content, but does not provide an overall analysis and can be objective