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People Lie
(questionnaires disadvantages) people may deliberately lie or poor memories may mean they dont tell the truth. For example someone may deny being racist as it makes them look bad even if they know they are
Operationalising Is needed
(questionnaires disadvantages) This is needed for questionaires which can be difficult. For instance if asking participants how religious they are, you would need to operationalise what it means to be religious as it can be interpretated differently person to person, operationalising how religious someone is may involve asking how many times they pray, go to church etc so therefore you can compare one persons answer with another
involves putting a complex concept in a form so that it can be measured
Large Geographical spread
(questionnaires advantages) questionnaires via, post, telephone, internet etc can reach people around the country something which other methods cant do in short spaces of time
No consent issues
(questionnaires advantages) you dont have to worry about this particular ethical issue as by the very nature of filling in a questionaire implies you consent