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(interviewing styles) advocated a more aggressive style of inteviewing in which statements of the interviewees are challenged . When interviewing Chicago teachers he found this technique worked well in undercovering many of their racist views
(interviewing styles) advocates collaborative interviewing. this is when the interviewer befriends the interviewee. and deep information can come out of this close relationship
Longitudinal Disadvantages
Requires long term commitment from researchers and participants still can be effected by interviewer effect. and finally participants could die over time
Parents are busy
in the context of education, parents typically work thoroughout the day and want weekends to relaxed so getting them to commit to research about childs education may be hard
Pushy Parents
the parents most likely to take party in research are often the forceful ones who are extremely involved with their childrens education. therefore results of research may be unrepresentative as it may gives impression
Put on a good show
parents may if they know they being research make a show of helping kids with homework, appearing interested in their studies all in order to look good for the sociologist