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Culture & Identity- Part 7

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Howard Becker (1971)
Viewed criminals not as evil, but individuals that had a criminal status placed upon them by the criminal justice system and and community
Labelling Theory (Becker)
Focuses of the reactions of others, particularly the police and the EFFECTS of those reactions
Authority labels an individual as different. Apart of BECKERS theory
Master Status
Person is treated differently by others that they interact with. Apart of BECKERS theory
Internalisation Of Label
As a result of being treated different, individuals begin to interact with others seen as different or deviant also. BECKERS THEORY
Deviant Career
Individual becomes more different as a result of seeing themselves as different BECKERS THEORY
Cicourel (1976)
Found that parents of middle class children suspected of criminal activity were more successful negotiating with police to release their children than working class parents
Education and Identity
A Child attending Eton is likely to gain a strong sense that they are upper class. And a child in TOP SET is likely to feel more positive about their social identity as they are 'smarter'
Work and Identity
Someone with a job of high status is likely to have a positive social identity compared to someone who is unemployed