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The Heart

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Thick outer walls, muscle and elastic fibres
Thin walls, layers of muscle and elastic fibres
Keeps blood flowing in the right direction
Allows food and oxygen to diffuse to cells, and waste to diffuse from cells
Pulse rate
Measures the amount of times your heart beats per minute (BPM)
Blood Pressure
The amount of pressure on the outer walls of the arteries by the blood
Coronary Arteries
Supply blood to the heart muscles
Why heart attacks occur
Fat clogs or blood clots on coronary arteries
Genetic Factors
An influence of genetics increasing likelihood of developing a heart disease
Lifestyle factors
An influence of lifestyle increasing likelihood of developing a heart disease
Environmental factors affecting heart disease
Smoking; stress; lack of exercise; alcoholism
Cohort Study
Comparing those with an illness and without an illness
A relationship between two measured variables
A direct cause one thing has on another