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An Breatnach thú?
Ai Cymro wyt ti? / Are you Welsh?
ní Éireannach mé
nid Gwyddel ydw i / I'm not Irish
is Francach é
Ffrancwr yw ef / he's French
is Sasanach í
Saesnes yw hi / she's English
An Meiriceánach é?
Ai Americanwr yw ef? / Is he American?
An as an bhFrainc thú?
Ai [un] o Ffrainc wyt ti? / Are you from France?
is as an mBreatain Bheag é
[un] o Gymru yw ef / he's from Wales
ní as an nGearmáin iad
nid [rhai] o'r Almaen ydynt / they're not from Germany