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Yn y dref + bannod

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an sráidbhaile
y pentref / the village
an baile
y dref / the town
an chathair
y ddinas / the city
an bruachbhaile
y maesdref / the suburb
an contae
y sir / the county
an siopa
y siop / the shop
an banc
y banc / the banc
an t-ollmhargadh
yr archfarchnad / the supermarket
an t-ionad siopadóireachta
y ganolfan siopa / the shopping centre
an scoil
yr ysgol / the school
an teach tábhairne
y dafarn / the pub
an t-óstán
y gwesty / the hotel
an phictiúrlann
y sinema / the cinema
an siopa nuachtán
y siop bapurau / the newsagent
an gruagaire
y siop drin gwallt / the hairdresser's
an pháirc
y parc / the park