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tá mé go breá
rwy'n dda (=braf) / I'm fine
Agus tú féin?
And yourself? A thithau?
tá mise go maith freisin
I (myself) am fine, too / Rwyf innau'n iawn (braf) hefyd
tá áthas orm
rwy'n hapus / I'm pleased
tá áthas orm casadh leat
mae'n dda gen i gwrdd â thi / I'm pleased to meet you
cuirfidh mé glaoch ort
rhof ganiad iti / I'll give you a ring
heno / tonight
uimhir fóin
rhif ffón / phone number
Cén X atá agat?
Pa X sydd gennyt? What X do you have?
slán libh
hwyl ichi / goodbye (to many)
slán agat
hwyl iti / goodbye (to one)