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Cén áit a bhfuil sé sin?

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ar / on
yn / in
in aice le
wrth / next to
gar do
ger / near
cúpla ciliméadar ó
cwpl o gilomedarau o / a couple of kilometres from
an taobh eile
yr ochr arall / the other side
ar an taobh eile
ar yr ochr arall / on the other side
ar an taobh eile den bhóthar
ar yr ochr arall i'r ffordd / on the other side of the road
tá sé in aice leis an siopa
mae ef wrth y siop / it (he) is by the shop
tá sí gar don séipéal
mae hi'n agos i'r eglwys / it (she) is near the church
tá sé cúpla ciliméadar ón mBunscoil
mae ef gwpl o gilomedrau o'r Ysgol Gynradd / it (he) is a couple of km from the primary school