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a type of metal relief sculpture in which the back side of a plate is hammered to form a raised relief on the front
Reserve column
a column that is cut away from rock but has no support function
Rib vault
a vault in which diagonal arches form rib-like patterns. These arches partially support a roof, in some cases forming a web-like design
Rose window
a circular window, filled with stained glass, placed at the end of a transept or on the facade of a church
in Romantic painting, a figure seen from the back, often in the contemplation of nature
to deeply and roughly incise stones to give a rough and rustic texture to its appearance
Sacra conversazione
an altarpiece in which the Madonna and Child are accompanied by saints and engaged in a "holy conversation"
a government-sponsored exhibition of artworks held in Paris
a stone coffin
scarring of the skin in patterns by cutting with a knife. When the cut heals, a raised pattern is created, which is painted
a group of artists sharing the same philosophy who work around the same time, but not necessarily together
a place in a monastery where monks wrote manuscripts
the technique of allowing tones and colors to shade gradually into one another, producing softened outlines or hazy forms.
the body of a column
the Hindu god of creation and destruction
the supporting interior framework of a building
a triangular space enclosed by the curves of arches
in art history, the reuse of architectural or scriptural pieces in buildings generally different from their original contexts
the polygonal base of a dome that makes a transition from the round dome to a flat wall
an upright stone slab or column typically bearing a commemorative inscription or relief design, often serving as a gravestone
Still life
a painting of a grouping of inanimate objects, such as flowers or fruit
a horizontal molding
a fine plaster used for wall decorations or moldings
a dome-shaped Buddhist shrine
The Sublime
any cathartic experience from the catastrophic to the intellectual that causes the viewer to marvel in awe, wonder, and passion