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sculptures from the Roman Republic characterized by extreme realism of facial features
a large country estate or manor house
a wedge-shaped stone that forms the curved part of an arch; the central voussoir is called a keystone
a Buddhist monastery or temple in Cambodia
a monumental entrance to a Carolingian church in which two towers flank a lower central entrance
a printmaking process by which a wooden table in carved into with a tool, leaving the design raised and the background cut away; ink is rolled onto the raised portions, and an impression is made when paper is applied to the surface; woodcuts have strong angular surfaces with sharply delineated lines
female and male figures of fertility in Buddhist and Hindu art
Yin and yang
complementary polarities; the yin is a feminine symbol that has dark, soft, moist, and weak characteristics; the yang is the male symbol that has bright, hard, dry, and strong characteristics
a metaphysical branch of Buddhism that teaches fulfillment through self-discipline
a pyramidlike building made of several stories that indent as the building gets taller; ziggurats have terraces at each level
a device that projects sequences of photographs to give the illusion of movement