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A canopy placed over an altar or a shrine
In medieval architecture, a separate chapel or building in front of a church used for baptisms
Barrel Vault
An arch extended in space, forming a tunnel
In Roman architecture, a large axially-planned building with a nave, side aisles, and apses. In Christian architecture, an axially planned church with a long nave, side aisles, and an apse for the altar
A vertical section of a chruch that is embraced by a set of columns and is usually composed of arches and aligned windows
Benday Dots
Named for inventor Benjamin Day; printing process that uses the pointillist technique of colored dots from a limited palette placed closely together to achieve more colors and subtle shadings
A round ceremonial disk found in ancient Chinese tombs; are characterized by having a circular hole in the center, which may have symbolized heaven
A movement that stresses organic shapes that hint at natural forms
A deity who refrains from entering nirvana to help others
Book of Hours
A book of prayers to be said at different times of day and days of the year
The studio of an Italian artist
A fully enlightened being; there are many Buddhas, the most famous of who is Shakyamuni, also known as Gautama or Siddhartha
a sculpture depicting a head, neck, and upper chest of a figure
decorative or beautiful handwriting
A type of early photograph, developed by William H.F. Talbot, that is characterized by its grainy quality; a calotype is considered the forefather of all photography because it produces both a positive and negative image
Camera Obscura
A box with a lens which captures light and casts an image on the opposite side
Bell tower for an Italian building
A projecting beam that is attached to a building at one end and suspended in the air at the other
A heavy woven material used as the surface of a painting; first widely used in Venice
The top element of a column
A column in a building that is shaped like a female figure
An underground passageway used for burial
The principal church of a diocese, where a bishop sits
The main room of a Greek temple where the god is housed
Central Plan
A church having a circular plan with the altar in the midle