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a term that describes a large almond-shaped orb around holy figures like Christ and Buddha
Maniera greca
a style of painting based on Byzantine models that was popular in Italy in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries
a shrine built over a place of martrydom or a grave of a martyred Christian saint
a low flat-roofed Egyptian tomb with sides sloping down to the ground
Mecca, Medina
Islamic holy cities
a stone of great size used in the construction of a prehistoric structure
a rectangular audience hall in Aegean Art that has a two-column porch and four colmns around a central air well
a large uncut stone erected as a monument in the prehistoric era
a small relief sculpture on the facade of a Greek temple
a central niche in a mosque, which indicates the direction to Mecca
a tall slender column column used to call people to prayer
a pulpit from which sermons are giving
in India, the mating of males and females in a ritualistic, symbolic, or physical sense
large stone sculptures found on Easter Island
a sculpture made of several different items that dangle from a ceiling and can be set into motion by air currents
a movement begun in the late nineteenth century in which artists embraced the current at the expense of the traditional in both subject matter and in media; modernist artists often seek to question the very nature of art itself
Moralized Bible
a Bible that pairs Old and New Testament scenes with paintings that explain their moral parallels
Mortise and Tenon
a groove cut into stone or wood called a mortise that is shaped to receive a tenon, or projection, of the same dimensions
a decoration using pieces of stone, marble, or colored glass, called tesserae, that are cemented to a wall or a floor
a Muslim house of worship
a symbolic hand gesture in Hindu and Buddhist art
an Islamic official who calls people to prayer traditionally from a minaret
the Prophet whose revelations and teachings form the foundations of Islam
a honeycomb-like decoration often applied in Islamic buildings to domes, niches, capitals, or vaults; the surface resembles intricate stalactites
the closest part of the atrium to the basilica, it serves as a vestibule or lobby of a church