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Naming word
Concrete Noun
A noun that is physical
Abstract Noun
A conceptual noun
Common Noun
A general noun, for a species/object that is not specific
Proper Noun
A specific noun, usually a name
A word that replaces a noun
Compound noun
A noun made up of two or more existing words
Noun phrase
A phrase surrounding a noun with no verb
First person pronoun
The pronouns to talk about the self
Second person pronoun
Pronouns used to talk about other people, "you":
Collective noun
A noun that refer to multiple things as a whole
Count noun
A quantifiable noun
Uncount noun
Nouns that do not relate to things that can be counted
Demonstrative Pronoun
Pronouns used to point at things e.g. this, that
Relative Pronoun
used to connect a clause or phrase to a noun or pronoun
Interrogative Pronoun
Pronoun used when asking a question and inquiring as to which noun